The highest paid workers in Silicon Valley are product managers

As per the online hiring platform Hired,  product managers consistently get the top salary offers, $133,000 on average.

Software engineers were offered an average of $123,000 followed by designers at $115,000 during the second quarter of 2016. Analyses of H1B work visas and Glassdoor data from Google, Facebook and other tech giants arrive at similar conclusions.

In addition, engineers have commoditized many technical solutions that used to be challenging in the past 15 years. Scaling used to be a tough challenge, not any more for many companies.

The only role that tops product managers’ salaries–and only briefly in 2015–was data scientist, says Hired. That anomaly is unlikely to crop up soon, says Kirkpatrick. Interview requests for data science candidates grew by 20% during the past quarter, the most of any role, but the number of data science candidates on Hired grew by 50%. That oversupply is likely to drive down salaries.


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