Welcome to ProductGeeks, a community platform for the ones who build, grow and repeat!

The OG of product community, ProductGeeks is back in a fresh new avatar - as a forum, as a product discovery platform and a place to learn from each other.

Why do we need one more platform, when there are so many?
Great question! We strongly believe that we need to give a space to builders, makers, tinkerers to share what they are building, get real feedback (and not sugar coated upvotes) and in the process, create a vibrant community which helps the fellow productgeeks grow. Together.

Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur, an aspiring maker, or a curious tinkerer, ProductGeeks provides a supportive platform to connect, learn, and collaborate.

  • What can you find here?
    Discover products, AMAs, connect with other makers and grow together.

  • Why should you come here?
    We aim to help you unlock your full potential and take your product-building journey to new heights with the supportive community by your side.