The most important retention ‘lever’ is..your product

“I will think about retention after having cracked growth” – this is the most commonly used excuse by growth teams to not focus on the product and instead, focus on marketing.

Your product has to solve what it is promising to solve. And not just solve for 5% of the bucket.

“If you have shitty experience, be consistent about it.”

Watch Mona Gandhi speak about building a retention level in your product.

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Mona is the founding member of Growth team @ Airbnb. She started as the first female engineer at Airbnb in San francisco in 2011. She built the Growth team at Airbnb, focusing on tactics from a product and tech standpoint. More recently she decided to move to India to help build Airbnb’s footprint in Asia Pacific. Previous to Airbnb, she worked at Apture, & SixApart.

She was speaking at ProductGeeks Conf.


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