ProductGeeks Conference : What Lies Ahead


Our upcoming conference, ProductGeeks Conf aims to bring geeks who build, launch and scale world-class products.

By geeks, we just don’t mean the ones who code, but the ones who think deeper – right from the product (management) teams to marketing, founders and customer success teams.

It’s high time that Indian startup/tech ecosystem starts producing global products – we have limited time to do so (before everything gets Chinesed or Silicon Valleyed). And it’s really high time we go waayyy deeeep into topics like product management / marketing / playbooks etc.

Scheduled for April 13th & 14th (Bangalore), ProductGeeks Conf is 2-days conference where you will connect, meet and learn over two days.

We have defined 4 key focus areas and here are they (in no particular order).

[The AI Revolution] #Day1
India is badly lagging when it comes to building world class AI products and it’s time we bring data geeks and product teams together. This track will see a mix of geek talks (on AI/ ML and Data science) and product debates, along with a workshop.

[SAAS] #Day1
How many global SAAS companies do we have from India? Well, very few. How many exits did we have in SAAS? If you are building a SAAS business, we bring to you some of the actionable learnings and insights from the doers of SAAS world.

[Bharat] #Day2
Building for the ‘Bharat’ market ain’t easy and if you are an entrepreneur building for this market, you need deeper understanding of the market dynamics, the demography, the distribution channels etc. We will bring to you a few good fellas building for the Bharat market (across industries).

[Product Management & Growth] #Day2
This is the core of the conference and you will see an element of this in pretty much all the discussions. We have few exclusive sessions planned around this on day 2, followed by a workshop.

The agenda is being worked on (here is a sneak preview).

Ticketing / Details

Date: April 13th and 14th
Location: Hotel Park Plaza, Outer Ring Road, Bangalore.
Event site:
Discount Code: NEXTBIGWHAT

Super Early Bird Discount of 40%, if purchased before Feb 4th (Discount Code: NEXTBIGWHAT)


    • AI and Enterprise Talks
    • Option to select 1 Workshop
    • 600+ ProductGeeks
    • Lotsa food and snacks

Both Days

    • April 13th and 14th
    • Ticket for both days
    • Option to select 2 workshops
    • Sexy #ProdGeek T-Shirt

Day 2

    • Product and Growth Talks
    • 1 Workshop
    • 600+ ProductGeeks
    • Lotsa food and snacks

To give you an idea of the quality, watch these videos from the earlier ProductGeeks conference (we used to club ProdGeeks conf with UnPluggd earlier).


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