Signs That You’re Working in a Feature Factory #ProductManagement


One may often confuse the term feature factory with just sitting in the factory, cranking out features and sending them down the line. But how do one find out if they are working in a feature factory?

If the product is so important, how come we never hear about it later. Make sure that you have real measures of success that are mapped to clear desired outcomes.

  1. No measurement.
  2. Rapid shuffling of teams
  3. Success theater around “shipping” with little discussion about impact.
  4. Infrequent (acknowledged) failures and scrapped work.
  5. No connection to core metrics.
  6. No PM retrospectives.
  7. Obsessing about prioritization. Lots of work goes into determining which ideas to work on, leaving little leeway for adjustments and improvisation based on data. Roadmaps show a list of features, not areas of focus and/or outcomes
  8. No tweaking. Once work is “done”, the team moves immediately on to the next “project”, leaving no time to iterate based on qualitative and quantitative data

One can never get to know the product if the team keeps changing around.

Acknowledge failures as opportunity to learn and grow, use it so that one can improve business and product.

Sometimes a question often arises when there is no alignment with any vision, objectives goals, or core metrics of the business why do one is here at all?

Just like people need purpose in their lives, and so do the products.

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