Product Management Course: April Batch (Enrollment is ON)

12 students

The 12 weeks course helps you develop foundational thinking around building the right product. You will learn to evaluate ideas, use practical frameworks to understand your users, create MVP releases and decode the art and science of building great products.

Objectives of the course

You will learn to evaluate ideas, use practical frameworks to understand your users, create MVP releases and decode the art and science of building high-growth products. The course has been designed in consultation with 25+ leading tech entrepreneurs and product leaders.

Plus, we unlock new opportunities for you – right from access to other product leaders to career upgrade (great companies hire product leaders through our ProductGeeks platform).

8 Weeks

An intensive course which gives you the right framework, tools and guidance to boost your product career.

Real world Learning

With more than 200+ modules, 15+ guest lecture interviews,60+ exercises, the course is meant for individuals who aim to become 10X better product leaders.

Make your big move

We help you boost your PM career whenever you are ready. Some of the best companies hire product talent through us.

Product Management Course Modules

Great product managers understand their users, they are the voice of their customers, they understand and can predict the market better than anyone else. They represent customer inside the company.

We ensure that our product management course helps you achieve this (and much more).

Understand the role
How the PM role intersects with others in the organization. If you are transitioning from engineering or marketing to Product Management role, what do you need to unlearn and learn.
Idea Evaluation to MVP Launch
Doesn’t matter whether you are launching a startup or launching a new product in your company, evaluating ideas needs a certain framework and the course will help you ask the right questions.
Product-Market Fit and Beyond
At scale, all product-market fit fails. What’s the right way to go about it, then? An extremely practical Customer Development Framework will be shared with the participants.
Design Thinking for Product Managers
How does one go about implementing design thinking as a core medium, which helps everybody in the team understand the user persona / empathy maps? We tell you how to go about this.
Test product positioning
Test product positioning and messaging. With minimal budget, how can one test the hypothesis?
Launch * GTM
What does a successful GTM strategy looks like? What makes a great GTM plan?
Navigate the product cycle
Feature X vs Y? What are the right metrics to track? Tools, Frameworks anyone? Right from MRD to PRD, how do great product leaders navigate between engineering, marketing and sales teams?
Become a 10X great product leader
The world is looking up to new product leaders. What does it take to be one.

This is an online course and the sessions happen every Saturday 10:00 AM – 1 PM, followed by weekly exercise.How does it all work?

Each session is of 3 hours, followed by weekly exercises.

The Course Format

This is an online course – which delivers high quality pre-recorded video with live instructor available throughout the course sessions.

We are defining a new format of courses where we ensure you a high quality video experience (think:Netflix) combined with traditional classroom style of having the instructor answer your queries during and after the class.

Group call
after every session.
15 minutes weekly call
(one-on-one session) with the instructor.

Some of the best productgeeks in the industry.

The course is led by Ashish Sinha.

Ashish Sinha (linkedin) is the founder of NextBigWhat and the force behind Product/startup community. Before starting NextBigWhat, he was product manager at Yahoo, i2 and Ketera technologies.


Course FAQs

Product Management Certification

You will get product management certificate post completion of the course. Here is a sample of the certificate.

Job Prospects

Once you complete the course, we will work with you and help you immediately get your next big career move.

We have partnered with some of the best product companies who are hiring their product talent through ProductGeeks platform.

Who is this course ideally for?
The PM course is ideally for those who

  • have been doing engineering or marketing roles and willing to get into PM role.
  • have been performing PM role informally and need to go deeper and get a formal certificate (and training).

Course Features:

Advanced LMS
We use advance LMS with several features like mobile friendliness, progress tracker, quizzes, community forum etc to ensure you are focused on learning.
Guest Lectures
Product Management is a lot about perspective building – we bring you many perspectives from several other DOERs / product leaders and you will gain immensely from this.

Product Management Course Fee.

The course fee is Rs. 1 lakh (+ tax), but the 2019 batch straight away gets 50% discount – i.e. Rs. 50,000 (+ 18% tax), i.e. Rs 59,000/. You can avail EMI facility during the checkout process.

Use the discount code PRODGEEKS (valid only till Mar 15th)

“I need to talk and get more info”. Sure, please contact us(or just fill the form below).




The Product Management course is led by Ashish Sinha, the original ProductGeek who has been a strong force behind India's startup ecosystem. Before starting NextBigwhat (and, he was the Product manager at Yahoo, Ketera and has hold several engineering position at companies like i2, Aztec Software. He used to teach Product management, way back in 2009 when Indian startup ecosystem was very nascent; and has now launched the PM course to foster the product community.
₹75,000 ₹50,000