Blockchain Course for Product Managers and Business Leaders

blockchain course for
business managers & Leaders

Are you Blockchain-ready?

William Mougayar

Author, Investor & Ethereum Foundation Board Member.

“The blockchain cannot be described just as a revolution. It is a tsunami-like phenomenon, slowly advancing and gradually enveloping everything along its way by the force of its progression.”

course objective

By the end of this course, you will be able to better comprehend the positive impact of Blockchain on Global Businesses.

You will learn about the latest developments in the Blockchain space and become sufficiently accomplished/achieve proficiency to devise solutions of your own.

Plus, the course will bring together bright, like-minded individuals to act as a catalyst for networking and inspire leadership qualities.

30+ Hours of Content

The Blockchain course for Business Executives will be an online course backed by a strong community of learners in various stages of Blockchain expertise to ensure that you learn with your peers.

Plus, we offer you 30+ hours of expert-led instructional course with several case studies and test exercises to enable you to develop an all round understanding of Blockchain technology.


We have a dedicated group of Blockchain experts to help you during your journey to expertise. Plus, you get access to exclusive access to all our conferences and content which will propel your learning to greater heights with unlimited replayability and extended support. Your road to Blockchain thought leadership begins here.


You will receive a Blockchain Expert certificate on the completion of the course. The NextBigWhat certification is recognized by several top-tier Blockchain companies and will help you build a better brand for yourself.

Course Overview

Key Concepts Of Blockchain Technologies

Impact Of Blockchain Technologies on Global Businesses

Applicability of Blockchain Technology in Businesses

How to Design Your Own Custom Blockchain Solution


Divyashish is an IIT-Delhi alumnus and believes Blockchain to be to the 2010s what internet was to the 1980s. He is passionate about improving Blockchain literacy, raising the understanding of Distributed Ledger technologies, and travels regularly to Blockchain summits all over the world as a Guest Speaker.

As an experienced and inspiring instructor, with a background in teaching, counselling, and business development, Divyashish brings a wealth of information, insights, and data-backed instructions to the Blockchain course for Executives.

Divyashish Jindal

Founder @ Turing Labs

Course Curriculum

Our curriculum enables you to go beyond Ethereum and gain an understanding of all Blockchains — existing and in the pipeline via our focus on fundamentals. Our curriculum is designed with a special attention on the business models and fintech applications of Blockchain technology.

Understand what Decentralization is and what it means for businesses and individuals. Learn about the potential of decentralized implementations of existing solutions across industries.

What is a Blockchain and what are its components. How is it different from regular ledger solutions and how it promises to solve the problems of global businesses?

How the first blockchain unlocked the possibilities of transparently sending and receiving funds across borders at the lowest possible costs instantly.

Case-Studies of the most innovative and disruptive use cases of the Ethereum Blockchain.

Learn about the various types of Blockchains and the niches they cater to. Understand the need and the rationale behind the development of newer blockchains such as Hyperledger and Stellar.

The use of blockchains are not limited to fund transfers and Initial Coin Offerings. Check out the cutting edge applications of Blockchain technologies to make our lives easier.

Discover how businesses have been using the concept of token and crypto-assets to raise funding and launch new types of digital platforms.

Understand the security mechanisms in place to protect the integrity of the data as it flows transparently across borders, boundaries, and jurisdictions.

What the future holds in store for blockchain in general and blockchain professionals in particular.


How was the course designed?

The Blockchain course for Executives is designed in accordance with the requirements of product managers, C-level officers, and business-oriented enthusiasts. It delves into the application side of Blockchain technologies without making the enrollee sit through hours of technology-intensive lectures and discussions.

The key idea is to enable the executives and upper management officers to devise customised solutions which are specific to the pain points of their respective industries.

What about job placement?

We are currently working with many companies to help them fulfill their roles in the blockchain space. We will help you find the right fit (take a look at the blockchain job board which will be up shortly).

PS: This isn’t applicable to participants sponsored by companies.

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What if I miss a class?

Don’t worry. You will never lose any session. You can either:

  • View the session later.
  • or attend the missed session, in any other live batch.

Always know that our success is based on your success. We ensure that.

Is there an EMI option available?

Yes. You can avail EMI option during the payment checkout process.

Will I get a Certificate?

You will receive the certification post completion of the course. The NextBigWhat / ProductGeeks certification is recognized by several product and tech companies. We will ensure we unlock new opportunities for you.

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