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After all, its all in the family

Owing to career demands, me and my siblings had to move out of parent’s nest (sweet home), and it’s only once in a year that we all get time for a get-together.

At times I wonder, what if we had a common platform to share and store things (like childhood pics? videos/blogs/latest happenings etc..) – i.e. a complete virtual house in itself? where my niece can blog about her school, her cute questions that I have no idea of! Or my mom can post her delicious recipes to all of us? – provides a complete home on the internet, a comprehensive site packed with practical features (well-thought features), and is very well Flash-ed.

One can share photo albums(unlimited), videos (1 GB of space), blogs/recipes/avatars , create family tree/ family events etc.

What I really liked about this site is it’s seriousness about children online safety. Site has a very helpful feature “Safety and Security Center” – where it displays the list of sex offenders in your area and has good articles on child’s online safety.

Overall, a must place for families which are geographically apart.

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